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APC Smart 1000 (SUA1000I) with NUT / Linux

Apc Smart 1000

(c) APC

Just before you’ll call me an UPS maniac – here’s one more review. My current choice for 1-3 box server setup – APC Smart-UPS 1000VA USB & Serial 230V is not really similar to the SC1000 reviewed by me earlier, as the latter has a somewhat simplified design internally and also the box itself is different (standalone/desktop vs standalone/RM). And the non-SC is a full-sine model, and has a richer LED display. Continue reading ‘APC Smart 1000 (SUA1000I) with NUT / Linux’


UPS APC Smart SC1000 with NUT / Linux

APC Smart SC1000

image (C) APC

Hi! Here’s another UPS review 😉 I am not an UPS tester by profession, but this topic seems to be around me recently, caused by various opportunities. This time I am playing with APC Smart SC1000 tower/rack-mount unit, and it’s nut interoperation. Continue reading ‘UPS APC Smart SC1000 with NUT / Linux’

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