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Huawei E1552 Modem with Debian Linux

Let’s assume that you need to install a multi-purpose firewall/server for your customer, but their ISP of choice is just too lazy to install their cabling to customer’s premises. Let’s also add that all you are left with is a Huawei E1552 Modem for HSPA/3G mobile packet data with a data plan SIM card. If so – here’s how I put it to use for persistent Internet uplink (this time with Debian squeeze) until the semi-decent ISP is ready. Continue reading ‘Huawei E1552 Modem with Debian Linux’


Datacenter rack layout hints

A couple of hints when fitting a 19-inch rack with network and server equipment. I have seen just too many badly fitted racks and messy cabling. Here some of my guidelines. Continue reading ‘Datacenter rack layout hints’

UPS APC Smart SC1000 with NUT / Linux

APC Smart SC1000

image (C) APC

Hi! Here’s another UPS review 😉 I am not an UPS tester by profession, but this topic seems to be around me recently, caused by various opportunities. This time I am playing with APC Smart SC1000 tower/rack-mount unit, and it’s nut interoperation. Continue reading ‘UPS APC Smart SC1000 with NUT / Linux’

UPS Ever Duo II Pro with NUT / Linux – bad idea

A bugIn my previous post about that device I described UPS Ever Duo II Pro working with nut under Linux, along with variables it exports, battery charge and drain cycles and this UPS’ issues. This follow-up is why using this UPS for serious unattended production environment is not a good idea. Continue reading ‘UPS Ever Duo II Pro with NUT / Linux – bad idea’

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