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Raspberry Pi network audio player: pulseaudio, DLNA and bluetooth A2DP – part 2: DLNA

Raspberry Pi DLNAThis article is part 2 of 3, where I cover DLNA renderer and DLNA media server. At first I planned to do only the rendering, but now also included serving media for those who have hooked up some storage with music/videos/photos . Parts 1 and 3 focus on setting up pulseaudio over network, and a bluetooth audio A2DP accessory role for the Pi respectively. In the end you get a multi-protocol audio-playing Raspberry Pi. Continue reading ‘Raspberry Pi network audio player: pulseaudio, DLNA and bluetooth A2DP – part 2: DLNA’


Windows XP on Android

Windows XP on Samsung Galaxy S2 - bootingRecently I have been playing around to get Windows XP to run on my Android ARM phone. After a decent amount of research and work done (found out later that most of it was unnecessary) I managed to get proof of concept Windows XP to boot with usable resolution, network, and no sound 😉 Like my colleague said: Just because I can 😉 Continue reading ‘Windows XP on Android’

Waze 3.0 for Android short review

Waze 3.0 nightThe Android GPS navigation application where you can make a difference is out now in version 3.0. Lifehacker has published an overview about it, having declared it in December The Best Turn-by-Turn Navigation App for iPhone. Having tested the previous version for more than a month now, and just tried the 3.0 I’ve decided to share my thoughts. Here are my observations so far, both pros and cons. Continue reading ‘Waze 3.0 for Android short review’

Waze – GPS navigation where you can make a difference


My twitter followers may have noticed that I have recently jumped into playing with Waze. It is a GPS and navigation software for mobile platforms with sky-rocketing popularity, but what makes it unique is the social side – you can: design/fix the live maps, record roads, report road issues, and use live chats in a traffic jam like CB “what happened ahead?” – and all this quite easily. As a bonus each time you travel from home to work it will suggest you optimal traffic-dependent routes (after it learns it). Plus there’s some fun trivia to grab virtual items on the go – but see for yourself 🙂 Continue reading ‘Waze – GPS navigation where you can make a difference’

Gentoo on Android – cross compilation with distcc

In one of my previous posts I have described how to run Gentoo on Android ARM device. Depending on its power your emerges may take either a long time or a longer time. And your device will warm up significantly. But you have already heard of and used FEATURES=”distcc”, right? Here’s how to set-up a cross compilation with a help from an x86 box in a nutshell. Continue reading ‘Gentoo on Android – cross compilation with distcc’

Gentoo on Samsung Galaxy S2

Gentoo Logo (c) Gentoo FoundationStumbling upon this page you probably came up with the same idea that I have – to run Gentoo on your Samsung Galaxy S2 device. It is definitely possible in a chroot environment. I have not tested dual booting to date, but if you’re into a chrooted Gentoo – read on. There are a few “gotchas” in the process I have come across – described below. Continue reading ‘Gentoo on Samsung Galaxy S2’

Samsung Galaxy S2 – rootprompt’s first things first

Samsung Galaxy S2If you happen to get this phone in your hands you probably are expecting more than making calls and texting. And you quite possibly already know that Android is based on Linux in a way, which ignites your curiosity even more. Here are a few steps you might consider to enhance your device’s potential at the very beginning of your experience. Continue reading ‘Samsung Galaxy S2 – rootprompt’s first things first’

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