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UPS Ever Duo II Pro with NUT / Linux – bad idea

A bugIn my previous post about that device I described UPS Ever Duo II Pro working with nut under Linux, along with variables it exports, battery charge and drain cycles and this UPS’ issues. This follow-up is why using this UPS for serious unattended production environment is not a good idea. Continue reading ‘UPS Ever Duo II Pro with NUT / Linux – bad idea’


Waze 3.0 for Android short review

Waze 3.0 nightThe Android GPS navigation application where you can make a difference is out now in version 3.0. Lifehacker has published an overview about it, having declared it in December The Best Turn-by-Turn Navigation App for iPhone. Having tested the previous version for more than a month now, and just tried the 3.0 I’ve decided to share my thoughts. Here are my observations so far, both pros and cons. Continue reading ‘Waze 3.0 for Android short review’

UPS Ever Duo II Pro with NUT / Linux

Toshiba 4S nuclear reactorUnless you are running a “Home Edition” of a nuclear reactor by Toshiba you need an UPS for your systems. Here’s another tale about running an UPS with nut under Linux. This time it’s an Ever Duo II Pro [PL]. Full specs for Duo II Pro family are available on the manufacturer’s website – but only in Polish. Note that the non-Pro versions are specified with “no software included” and (as I have heard) are “dumb” UPS-es (again: unconfirmed). The Duo II Pro model is “smart” and reports real data instead of just states via contact-closure. Continue reading ‘UPS Ever Duo II Pro with NUT / Linux’

UPS Orvaldi 1000GE with NUT / Linux

Power linesI recently got an Orvaldi 1000GE (or 1000 GE) [PL] [EN-by-google] to test it. This model – in my area – is externally equipped with:

  • 2x Schuko (european) output sockets
  • 1x IEC 60320 C-13 (PC, female) output socket
  • non-detachable input cable with Schuko plug
  • 2x RJ-45 for some kind of protection for network I guess
  • 1x semi-RS-232/serial DB-9 female socket for control

First thing I did was to plug some load on the output (UPS testing classic: a lamp), connect it to charge, and turned it on. I also connected it to a Linux host with a red RS-232 cable (included in the package). And installed nut on Linux. Continue reading ‘UPS Orvaldi 1000GE with NUT / Linux’

Waze – GPS navigation where you can make a difference


My twitter followers may have noticed that I have recently jumped into playing with Waze. It is a GPS and navigation software for mobile platforms with sky-rocketing popularity, but what makes it unique is the social side – you can: design/fix the live maps, record roads, report road issues, and use live chats in a traffic jam like CB “what happened ahead?” – and all this quite easily. As a bonus each time you travel from home to work it will suggest you optimal traffic-dependent routes (after it learns it). Plus there’s some fun trivia to grab virtual items on the go – but see for yourself 🙂 Continue reading ‘Waze – GPS navigation where you can make a difference’

Gentoo on Android – cross compilation with distcc

In one of my previous posts I have described how to run Gentoo on Android ARM device. Depending on its power your emerges may take either a long time or a longer time. And your device will warm up significantly. But you have already heard of and used FEATURES=”distcc”, right? Here’s how to set-up a cross compilation with a help from an x86 box in a nutshell. Continue reading ‘Gentoo on Android – cross compilation with distcc’

Software RAID on Linux – which drive failed?

SATA boxLet’s just face it – your hard disks WILL fail. You know it. You just don’t know when. If you do not set-up at least RAID-1 (mirror) you WILL lose some data and certainly your service WILL be down. Continue reading ‘Software RAID on Linux – which drive failed?’

Gentoo on Samsung Galaxy S2

Gentoo Logo (c) Gentoo FoundationStumbling upon this page you probably came up with the same idea that I have – to run Gentoo on your Samsung Galaxy S2 device. It is definitely possible in a chroot environment. I have not tested dual booting to date, but if you’re into a chrooted Gentoo – read on. There are a few “gotchas” in the process I have come across – described below. Continue reading ‘Gentoo on Samsung Galaxy S2’

Samsung Galaxy S2 – rootprompt’s first things first

Samsung Galaxy S2If you happen to get this phone in your hands you probably are expecting more than making calls and texting. And you quite possibly already know that Android is based on Linux in a way, which ignites your curiosity even more. Here are a few steps you might consider to enhance your device’s potential at the very beginning of your experience. Continue reading ‘Samsung Galaxy S2 – rootprompt’s first things first’

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